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A Treat for Taffy is a quest given by Taffy Treat in Sugarcane Corner. The player must be a foal in order to start this quest.

Quest initiation[]

When the player initiates a conversation with Taffy Treat, she asks whether if they could do her a little favor. If the player agrees, she will explain that she is too busy with filling orders and therefore can't go and get lunch. As such, she asks the player to get her lunch from Chef Linguine, which is a pie that she already paid for.

Journal: Taffy Treat from Sugarcane Corner asked me to get her pie for lunch. I have to talk to Chef Linguine at Clover Café for the pie.

  • Talk to Linguine

Picking up lunch[]

The player will then have to go to the Clover Café in Ponydale, which is an outdoor location located on top of a hill Northeast of Sugarcane Corner, and request Taffy Treat's pie from Chef Linguine.

Chef Linguine will give the player a Veggie Pot Pie, while mentioning that Taffy Treat always pays for her lunch a month in advance. After collecting the pie, the player will then have to return to Taffy Treat in Sugarcane Corner to give her the pie.

Journal: I got Taffy's lunch from Chef Linguine! Now I better return fast. I'm sure she's hungry already!

  • Return to Taffy Treat

Quest completion[]

Upon returning to Taffy Treat with her pie, she thanks the player for their help and rewards them with 3 Rock Candies. The player also gains 50 XP in all talents for completing the quest.

Journal: (No additional entries)


  • The quest was updated in Open Access Release V. 2018.10.01 to be exclusive to foals only, as originally intended[1].
  • The quest journal currently does not have any entry for the completion of the quest.