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Adventure Never Ends is a quest found in the Crystal Kingdom. Lumineer, found on the train station platform, is concerned about his brother, Blue Yonder, who is planning a trip around the world.

Starting the quest[]

Insisting on asking Lumineer what is bothering him will start the quest.

Journal: An older unicorn by the name of Lumineer wants me to talk to his brother, Blue Yonder. Apparently, Blue wants to fly around the world even though he can't do it anymore. Lumineer wants me to talk him out of it.

When player is near to Blue Yonder:

  • You found him, talk to Blue Yonder

Finding Blue Yonder[]

Blue Yonder may have variable places to spawn, but they should be near the city. One spawn point is due east of the city, just outside of the path. When spoken to, he will initially question how the player found out about his plan, then he will ask them to convince Lumineer to go adventuring with him. He will reward the player with 50 bits for helping him realize he has limits.

Journal: After chatting with Blue Yonder, I've convinced him that he need to acknowledge his limits. Now I need to convince Lumineer to go adventuring himself.

  • Talk to Lumineer

Returning to Lumineer[]

When the player tells Lumineer that his brother has slowed down a little bit, he wants a straight answer. Continue talking until he decides to accompany Blue Yonder on his travels, and he will reward you with 150 additional bits for the trouble.

Journal: I convinced Lumineer and Blue Yonder to compromise. Someday, they're going to set out on a journey together traveling around the world. I hope they send me postcards!