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Animal Care, sometimes shortened to Animal in-game, is an earth pony-exclusive Talent that allows players' pets to gain unique skills, most notably in combat.

Gaining experience[]

Experience in Animal Care can be gained by earth ponies through the completion of quests, most of which award experience to all talents. Using Animal Care related skills while in combat also allows earth pony players to gain Animal Care XP.


Through this talent, players can call upon pets to aid them in combat, while improving both their defense and endurance.

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
SeismicBuckIcon.png Guidance 1 500 "Your pet becomes stronger, faster, and smarter with proper training"
Upgrades available: Training, Bodyguard
RainbowFieldsIcon.png Home Field Advantage 1 20 "Creates a large area of entangling plants and other flowers. Can be used to harm enemies"
Upgrades available: Cultivate, Green Hoof, Entangle
FriendsForever.png Friends Forever 1 20 "Your pet can help you avoid damage, and can be taught to recover from minor damage, and inspire you to be even stronger when you are both threatened"
Upgrades available: Second Wind, Best Friends Forever, Protective Instinct, Friends Five-ever

Talent mastery[]

The maximum possible level that can be achieved in Animal Care is 50.

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Flip music note2.png Music Cutie quill1.png Writing Cutie corn.png Farming Cutie paw1.png Animal Care
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