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A piece of Iron armor

Armor is a type of equipment intended to protect a pony from losing Health. It is available in several pieces and a variety of forms, and can sometimes be seen being worn by NPCs.


Some merchant ponies (Bluebell, Buttercup, Free Trade, Sales Pitch (iron armor only), and Silky Roads) will sell pieces of armor. Armor can also be traded between players.

Dragons will occasionally drop a piece of brass armor when defeated.

Lieutenant Snipe will give a Brass Helmet as a reward for completing the quest he gives.


Armor must be worn to provide any defensive effects. This requires a piece of armor to be placed in the appropriate equipment slot of a pony's inventory. Once worn, the player's statistics will be modified by the armor.

Armor reduces incoming physical damage by a percentage, based on the Armor stat. This is calculated by the formula

Percentage reduction = Armor / (Armor + 165)

Different equipment slots can be filled at the same time with armor pieces made from different materials; they do not have to match to be effective.


A full set of armor consists of five pieces:

  • Helmet (occupies the Hat slot)
  • Back Plate (occupies the SaddleBag slot)
  • Chest Plate (occupies the Shirt slot)
  • Front Legs (occupies the FrontShoes slot)
  • Back Legs (occupies the BackShoes slot)


Pieces of armor can be made of various materials, identifiable by their color.

Purchased and Drops[]

These armor sets can be bought by various Merchants around Equestria with the exception of the Sunlight and Moonlight Armors. Those can only be obtained as drops from max level monsters.

Set Level Attack Armor Dodge Health Magic Resist Value (bits)
Fyre Flye Body.png Fyre Flye armor 1 0 5 0 0 23 200
Brass Chest Plate.png Brass armor 1 14 15 0 200 4 350
Nickel Chest Plate.png Nickel armor 10 35 59 10 0 15 2100
Pearlescent Chest Plate.png Pearlescent armor 14 20 49 0 0 49 15100
Gold Chest Plate.png Gold armor 20 70 109 0 0 26 69000
Sunlight Chest Plate.png Sunlight armor 30 94 198 0 0 63 Drop Only
Moonlight Chest Plate.png Moonlight armor 30 82 198 0 0 63 Drop Only


Obtainable through the Artisan Talent. Base values will change upon the quality of the armor crafted. In addition, all items armor have a chance to be created in some improved version with increased statistics: Crafted (+5%), Masterful (+10%) and Perfected (+15%).

In addition, crafted armor can have Harmonies added, one in the front and rear legs, two in the chest and back plates, and three in the helmet (Iridescent or Pearlescent armor supposedly can have one more Harmony added).

Set Level Attack Armor Magic Resist Material cost
Copper Chest Plate.png Copper armor 1 0 18 0
Bronze Chest Plate C.png Bronze armor 4 13 30 0
Iron Chest Plate C.png Iron armor 8 29 53 0
Steel Chest Plate.png Steel armor 12 41 85 0
Iridiscent Chest Plate.png Iridiscent armor 14 0 0 5
Alicium Chest Plate.png Alicium armor 17 68 117 18
Elementium Chest Plate.png Elementium armor 19 76 102 72
Titanium Chest Plate.png Titanium armor 21 86 146 0
Harmonious Chest Plate.png Harmonious armor 24 114 172 135
Phoenix Armor Chestplate.png Phoenix Armor 27 82 205 105


Developer armor can only be added into a player's inventory by developers. They can neither be bought nor crafted.

Set Level Health Regen Armor Magic Resist Value (bits)
Moonlight Chest Plate.png Moonlight Flame armor 50 3664 402 385 270 21850


  • Horse armor is termed "barding". It was most common in the Middle Ages to prevent knights from having their mounts killed which made the heavily armored knights easier to defeat.