My name is Astranacus, I'm from the UK and I am a moderator for Legends of Equestria.

Background Edit


My experience varies. Regarding moderation in short, I have moderated numerous Minecraft servers since 2011. Since 2013 I have moderated servers on Attorney Online. I have qualifications in Uniformed Public Service, completed an 8 week Firefighter course and have volunteered frequently with the Scouting Association.

I  became a Brony in the summer 2012, mostly because of the users in the Minecraft servers I moderated. I have taken multiple roles and have been frequently asked to moderate both Minecraft and Attorney Online servers (including MLP specific servers). Eventually, I wanted to contribute a bit more towards the fandom.

In the past I have also had experience leading a few gaming clans, some competitive and others more casual depending on the game. At the present, I am leading a MLP Clash of Clans & Boom Beach group. I also run several skype & discord groups with people who are mostly from Attorney Online.

As for my job, I'm currently a Librarian. I had previously aspired to join the military as an Officer and met the fitness standards as well as the qualifications required. Plans changed however, and I had to choose a different career.

Legends of Equestria Edit

I have been with the Legends of Equestria project since December 2013, moderating on the forums, chatbox and Open Server Weekends. I work alongside a group of charming, competent and clever Corgi Moderators/Magical Girls. I have enjoyed my time working with brilliant people and interacting with the friendly LoE community.

Make sure to abide by the forum rules :

During the OSW you will most frequently see me simply as Astranacus.

Other characters you might see would be Nemsee or quite rarely Opuscule Antiquity.

My OC you will see mostly in regards to LoE : Nemsee : , and

Trivia Edit

Might as well add a few fun facts about myself:

1. I only drink water, mostly because I'm not a fan of any other drinks. Alcohol, coffee, tea, soda and etc., I just don't like that much;

2. I absolutely love spaghetti, pizza and lasagne;

3. I grew up with animals, as my family used to breed Maine Coon cats as well as keep around fifty chickens, ducks and usually around seven geese; The Bengal tiger would probably be my favourite animal as well as other big cats.

4. Strategy games are another thing I really love and played competitively. I did win a few tournaments thereof, including the first TWC (Total War Community) Tournament on Shogun 2 Total War;

5. My OC, which I have linked, Nemsee. Although I have quite a few OC's for different stories and reasons. Nemsee is probably my favourite, in regards to LoE she will be the main OC you will be seeing from me;

6. My hobby and interest is in History as well as Military History. I have been fascinated with it ever since I was young. From all time periods and across different cultures, civilizations from all parts of the world I have been interested.