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Meet Ateren, he's been a moderator on this fabulous team since the Summer of 2011. He's been on the team, before a moderation team was formed, under a side group before officially being put onto the team as a moderator along with a few other moderators that couldn't stand the test of time. Being one of the only surviving original moderator's, he was given an official moderator leader in the fall of 2011 under Perry the Pony. He continues to moderate today.

His experience as a moderator goes back to 2007 and administrated many things as he grew up. He's not the oldest, nor is he the youngest but despite this he still continues to moderate and administrate other forms of media and gaming with growing experience. During his start with the team, he had unofficially helped out with the IRC mid May of 2011, roughly one month after becoming a brony.

He is commonly known as the hammer pony that has a corgi sitting next to Godzilla in his signature. He'll 96% of the time be known as Ateren, or Ateren Steelbender for the full name, during OSW and with any other form of media like Steam.

Somethings rarely known about Ateren. (Or more or less trivia.)

  1. He can't draw very well but still runs a tumblr.
  2. He lives in an area that's difficult to reach cons and crippled even further by his desire to help his aging parents.
  3. Ateren himself wrote this page.
  4. He runs an unpopular YouTube channel.
  5. He's an avid writer and so takes up Roleplay with many places except the places he moderates. (Possible changes when he becomes a Writer for LoE even if it takes him another year.)
  6. He's a History Major aiming for a teaching position. (Which is moderating kids and handing out Essay's. Oh joy!)
  7. When the game is released, he'll use some other OC's he has created along with Ateren.
  8. He loves Pokemon, Corgi's and Dragons more than ponies. Can you imagine?
  9. Ateren is bound by contract with Perry to moderate until the end of time. (Which is cool with me.)
  10. One last fun fact... ~Durpy and I go way back. He joined a server I was administrating back around 2008 or so and lost contact after that. We met again on TF2 and LoE and didn't realize we had met before until I mentioned administrating a server that he frequented. Small world eh? Even on the internet.
  11. Ateren's common nickname is Cateren; affectionately given to him by AnthroYuu; his waifu.