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A Basic Cake is a food item that is... well, your basic cake with nothing on it. A pony who is a master at cooking could take some Icing to it to make a Frosted Layer Cake.

When eaten, it restores 500 health, and boosts speed by 20% for 4 minutes.

As an Ingredient[]

These foods use Basic Cake in their recipe:


Learned From: (Look here for Basic Cake Recipe)

Cooking Level Requirement: 30 (Advanced)

Made at: Oven

Crafting Time: 3 Seconds

Experience Gained on Success: 950 xp

Ingredients Amount
Butter.png Butter x1
CakeBatter.png Cake Batter x1

When Used[]

The following is a list of effects given to the player when consumed:

Stat Regular Gourmet Duration (seconds)
Health +500 +600
Speed +20% +24% 240s