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Birch Dryad

Birch Dryads are mobs in Legends of Equestria.


Birch Dryads are deer-like creatures with branches and leaves attached to them.


They canter around the Evershade Forest and The Heartlands at a leisurely pace, pausing for short intervals. These mobs are neutral, never taking the initiative to attack the player unless the player attacks first. Birch Dryads attack by stabbing their front hooves at the player, dealing relatively low damage to players at their level.

Loot Table[]

At lvl Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
8,22 Daisy-0.png Daisy common 0
22 Vanilla.png Vanilla moderate 0
8,22 Banana.png Banana common 0
8,22 Onion.png Onion common 0
8,22 Potato.png Potato common 0
8,22 Guide.png Linen Strap Stitching Guide moderate 0
8,22 Guide.png Linen Padding Stitching Guide moderate 0
8,22 Guide.png Canvas Strap Stitching Guide moderate 1
8,22 Guide.png Canvas Padding Stitching Guide moderate 1
22 Guide.png Woven Strap Stitching Guide moderate 3
22 Guide.png Woven Padding Stitching Guide moderate 3


  • The Birch Dryad is inspired by the Dryad in Greek Mythology, which are tree spirits.



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