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The inventory system, showing the number of bits in the top right hand corner

The bit is the currency used by players and NPCs in Legends of Equestria. Bits can be used to buy items such as equipment from certain NPCs. The maximum theoretical number of bits that a player can possess is 2,147,483,648, or 2^(32-1), which is actually known in mathematics as the "thirty-two bit integer limit". Bits automatically stack, and are stored in a separate location in a pony's inventory using a dedicated inventory space.

Earning Bits[]

Bits can be earned in several ways as of pre-alpha 4. These include:

  • Picking up naturally spawning items and selling them. Gems that spawn in the Gem Mines and other items spawning elsewhere can be picked up and sold to merchant NPCs such as Buttercup and Bluebell for 5 bits each, or to other player ponies for an agreed price in player-to-player trading.
  • Completing Quests. Such as A Four Star Restaurant, which rewards includes 20 bits.
  • Defeating Mobs. For example, stronger mobs such as Lantern Monsters drop 60 bits, while weaker mobs such as Hornets drop 1 bit upon defeat.
  • NPC exploits. As the game is still in development, there are some instances where interacting correctly with an NPC while not resolving a quest will result in the NPC giving a pony an item for free. These items can be sold at a merchant pony.

Spending Bits[]

Bits can be traded with other players in exchange for items (player-to-player trading, includes giving gifts), in addition to being spent by buying equipment or items from merchant NPCs.


  • The term bit is a colloquialism used for various denominations of coins. In the U.S., it usually refers to 1/8 of a dollar (thus 25 cents is "two bits"). In the British Commonwealth, it used to refer to a variety of coins.