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Bluebell is an earth pony merchant NPC located near Cantermore Observatory. She sells food items as well as musical instruments, eyewear, armor, and socks, and also buys items from the player.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Yellow Apple.png Yellow Apple 4 1
Celery Stalk.png Celery Stalk 3 1
Pear.png Pear 4 1
Saxophone.png Saxophone 35 7
Trombone.png Trombone 30 6
Trumpet.png Trumpet 23 4
Goggles.png Goggles 6 1
Glasses.png Glasses 6 1
Brass Helmet.png Brass Helmet 75 15
Brass Chest Plate.png Brass Chest Plate 100 20
Brass Back Plate.png Brass Back Plate 75 15
Brass Front Legs.png Brass Front Legs 50 10
Brass Back Legs.png Brass Back Legs 50 10
Nickel Helmet.png Nickel Helmet 400 80
Nickel Chest Plate.png Nickel Chest Plate 400 80
Nickel Back Plate.png Nickel Back Plate 600 120
Nickel Front Legs.png Nickel Front Legs 350 70
Nickel Back Legs.png Nickel Back Legs 350 70
Gold Helmet.png Gold Helmet 20000 4000
Gold Chest Plate.png Gold Chest Plate 11000 2200
Gold Back Plate.png Gold Back Plate 20000 4000
Gold Front Legs.png Gold Front Legs 9000 1800
Gold Back Legs.png Gold Back Legs 9000 1800
Socks back.png Dot Socks (Back Legs) 50 50
Socks front.png Dot Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
Manuscript.png Armor Harmony Manuscript 1 20 4
Manuscript.png Magic Resist Harmony Manuscript 1 20 4
Manuscript.png Health Harmony Manuscript 1) 20 4
Manuscript.png Health Harmony Manuscript 2 40 8
Manuscript.png Health Harmony Manuscript 3 80 16
Manuscript.png Energy Harmony Manuscript 1 20 4
Fireworks Rise.png Fireworks Rise 800 160
Fireworks Trail.png Fireworks Trail 800 160
Fireworks Glow Red.png Fireworks Glow Red 1500 300
Fireworks Glow Green.png Fireworks Glow Green 1500 300
Fireworks Glow Blue.png Fireworks Glow Blue 1500 300


  • "Hooray! It's (player name)! I haven't been this happy since the last time somepony talked to me! Actually, that's a lie. I'm always this happy."
  • "Do you like flowers as much as I do? No. You don't. Stop trying to front me. I can tell when I'm being patronized!"
  • "Do you want some boots? Because you can totally have my boots! I've got more boots than I know what to do with. In fact, take anything you want! I don't mind!"
  • "Hi, I'm Bluebell! I like giving away my things and flowers and candy and sugar and shoes and butterflies and cupcakes and tea and bunnies and balloons and holidays and makeup!"
  • "I've got lots of fun clothes you can wear. My birthday is in June. I have an unhealthy obsession with flowers, and my favourite food is rainbows!"


  • She was originally named "Bluebell the Wearable Items Mare" in the earlier Open Server Events.
  • Bluebell used to sell equipment that could be worn by the player. However, as of the 4/11 open server weekend, she now only sells food (and a saxophone, for some reason). Despite this, a few lines of her dialogue still imply that she sells clothing. She sells clothes again as of 8/15.
  • In the ninth Open Server Event, her eye design was changed and a secondary color was added to her mane.