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Blueberry is a pegasus NPC located near the Crystal Castle in the Crystal Kingdom, standing with her husband Scattershot.


Blueberry and Scattershot are often are having their own conversation if a player tries to talk to one of them.

  • My name might be Blueberry, but my favorite pie is actually pecan.
  • Blueberry: What type of pie do you think is best?
  • Scattershot: I CAN'T DECIDE!
  • Blueberry: heard people love your cartoons, dear.
  • Scattershot: They do. You should see the fan mail I get. I've even gotten a few marriage proposals.
  • Blueberry: They mustn't have heard about our marriage, then.
  • Blueberry: Maybe we should sell that painting of the banana cake. It's a very nice one.
  • Scattershot: But how else am I going to remember that cake? It was sooooo delicious! Kinda like all of your cakes...
  • Blueberry: If you sell that painting, I'll make it again tonight.
  • Scattershot: Sold!


  • A blueberry is the small fruit of a perennial shrub.