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Buttercup is an earth pony NPC merchant in Ponydale. She is located near the Ponydale marketplace, standing next to a small stage in the Auction House. Ponydale Guards provide the option to lead players to Buttercup when spoken to.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Book Hat.png Book Hat 8 1
Goggles.png Goggles 6 1
Glasses.png Glasses 6 1
Cowpony Hat.png Cowpony Hat 6 1
Potion Bags.png Potion Bags 6 1
Lab Coat.png Lab Coat 6 1
Boots.png Boots 6 1
Gala Boots.png Gala Boots 20 4
Hard Hat.png Hard Hat 7 1
Lab Goggles.png Lab Goggles 6 1
Scroll Bag.png Scroll Bag 6 1
Satchel Bag.png Satchel Bag 6 1
Wooden Sword.png Wooden Sword 5 1
Fluffle Hat.png Fluffle Hat 600 120
Brass Helmet.png Brass Helmet 75 15
Brass Chest Plate.png Brass Chest Plate 100 20
Brass Back Plate.png Brass Back Plate 75 15
Brass Front Legs.png Brass Front Legs 50 10
Brass Back Legs.png Brass Back Legs 50 10
Nickel Helmet.png Nickel Helmet 400 80
Nickel Chest Plate.png Nickel Chest Plate 400 80
Nickel Back Plate.png Nickel Back Plate 600 120
Nickel Front Legs.png Nickel Front Legs 350 70
Nickel Back Legs.png Nickel Back Legs 350 70
Gold Helmet.png Gold Helmet 20000 4000
Gold Chest Plate.png Gold Chest Plate 11000 2200
Gold Back Plate.png Gold Back Plate 20000 4000
Gold Front Legs.png Gold Front Legs 9000 1800
Gold Back Legs.png Gold Back Legs 9000 1800
Socks back.png Checker Socks (Back Legs) 50 10
Socks front.png Checker Socks (Front Legs) 50 10
Socks front.png Socks 50 10
Tophat.png Tophat 9 1
Ice Skates.png Ice Skates 30 6
Scarf.png Winter Scarf 500 100
Fireworks.png Fireworks 1000 200


  • "Hi!  I like Flowers!"
  • "If you like any of my items, just take them, open your bag and right click to wear them!"
  • "Hi! I'm Buttercup! I've decided to join a monastery and give up all of my worldly possessions!"
  • "If you like any of my items, you can buy them for a small sum because I need funds for my travels."
  • [Reply: "Thanks."]
  • [Shop Dialogue: "Welcome!"]


  • In early versions of the game, she was named "Buttercup the Wearable Items Mare" and was located near the Ponydale Hospital.
  • At least one member of the development team has referred to the building Buttercup stands next to as the "Auction House".