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Frequent players of Legends of Equestria who wish to have their Original Character's (OC) information recorded onto the wiki may do so here. Placing your OC profiles here may allow others to find out more about you without having to search the forums. Since multiple characters can have the same name, please indicate your Forum name in your profile as well to avoid confusion.

Roleplaying on the wiki is strictly not allowed. Please keep them to the Roleplaying board on the Legends of Equestria forums, or some other communication channel.


  1. Pages must be titled OC [OC Name] where [OC Name] is replaced the name of the character you are creating.
  2. Pages must be tagged OC profiles so they are associated with the OC profiles page.
  3. Follow standard LoE rules when creating the page.
  4. Do not modify this page to add your OC

What to add to OC Profiles[]

Anything related to your OC can be added to your page, be it photos, a bio, or even journal logs. The {{infobox}} template can be useful if you wish to maintain some consistency with the NPC pages. Try to get yourself familiar with editing in Source mode, as Visual mode may lead to some quirks in the formatting.

Things to consider adding in[]

  • Name
  • Race
  • Herd status
  • Coat / eye color
  • Occupation
  • Frequent hangouts
  • Time zone (essential for collaborating meetups!)
  • Backstory
  • Adventure log (A brief summary of your LoE Open Server weekend activities)
  • Friends and/or family

Index of OC profile pages[]

For more OCs, check out the OC forum on the official Legends of Equestria site.

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