The Chat supports commands with /COMMAND Syntax. All commands can be seen by typing /help into the chat.

The following typographic conventions are used. Default values are written in CAPSLOCK. Commands that don't have a use or don't work currently are highlighted in red. Commands are bold and sorted alphabetically.


 Executes the "Applause" emote.
 Executes the "Boop" emote.
 Executes the "Dance" emote.
 Executes the "Face-hoof" emote.
 Executes the faint animation/emote.
 Executes the "Lay Down" emote.
 Executes the "Sit" emote.
 Executes the "Sleep" emote.
 Stand back up (to end an emote).
 Executes the "Wave" emote.

Social InteractionEdit

 Will be used to block player but it isn't currently supported yet.
/herd_create <herdname>
 Sends a herd create request with <herdname>
 Shows information about your herd.
 Needs a description.
 Needs a description.
/i, /invite "Player Name"
 Invites "Player Name" to your party.
 Leave the current party.
/maxchatlines <max_lines>/DEFAULT/?
 Sets the maximum messages displayed in chat. Default: 70
/pc, /playercollision
 Toggles player collision.
 Shows a list of all players in the room in chat.
/playervisible <true/false>
 Hides the player model from the player's view.
 Shows the player count in the room in chat.
 Opens report window.
/tradeoffer <itemID> <amount=[amount]>
 Offers an item with the given amount.
 Set the trade state to ready.
/w, /whisper "Player Name"
 Whispers to "Player Name".


/bye, /logout
 Back to mainmenu.
/cc, /cinemacamera <true/FALSE>/1/0
 Cinema camera on/off.
  Sets an offset to the current daytime but /time has to be auto.
 Shows your inventory in chat.
/time <hour>/AUTO/?
<hour> set a constant time.
? shows the current time.
auto use the server-time.
/removeitem <inventorySlot>
 Removes item from the given slot. Use in case of inventory glitches.
 Teleports the player to a fixed position on the map.
 Unequips all currently worn equipment.
 Needs a description.
 Needs a description.
/wearitem <inventorySlot>
 Wear item from the given slot.


 Toggles fps and mspf in the top-middle of the screen.
 Shows all available resolutions in chat.
/setfps <number|DEFAULT>
 Sets framerate limit between 15-1000. Default: 160.
/utc (12|24|format|offset)
 Shows realtime in chat.


/function <name> <command>
 Adds an alias for a command.
/forget <command>
 Removes an alias for a command.
/load <scriptFileName>
 Load a scriptFile. See Scripting.
/stop <command>
 Stops a command a timer is set for.
/timer <ms> <command>
  Executes <command> after <ms>(milliseconds).


 Type space and then an emote name after /e to execute emote command, does not work with faint.
 No current use.
 Shows a list of all commands in chat.
!roll 1d<number>
 Rolls a single dice with the specified number of sides.


  • Continuous emotes like "Dance" started with a command can only be ended by using the /stand command or by activating another continuous emote (or skill) and deactivating it.
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