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A Cherry Pie is a food item. When used, it replenishes 200 points of your Health.

Where found[]

They may be purchased from the NPC merchant Silver Platter inside Sugarcane Corner for 40 bits.


A Cherry Pie must be delivered to Geizhufe in Cantermore to complete the quest High Time for Pie Time.


Learned From: (Look here for Cherry Pie Recipe)

Cooking Level Requirement: 20 (Intermediate)

Made at: Oven

Crafting Time: 1 Second

Experience Gained on Success: 960 xp

Ingredients Amount
PieCrust.png Pie Crust x1
Cherries.png Cherry x4
Sugar(Item).png Sugar x2

When Used[]

The following is a list of effects given to the player when consumed:

Stat Regular Gourmet Duration (seconds)
Health +200 +240
Speed +20% +24% 180s


  • Cherry Pie is a fruit pie made with cherry filling. It is mostly associated with North America and the similar Donauwelle of Austria and Germany.