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Cloudopolis is the starter town for pegasi, consisting of a main cloud body supporting an assortment of buildings, and smaller clouds scattered around the map. Clouds in the region are solid to all three pony races, allowing them to walk off the pathway. The city itself can vary greatly in elevation, often causing distinct landmarks to be blocked from view. Should players fall off the map, they will simply respawn in the center of town near Cloudopolis Academy with no ill-effects.

Northeast of the city's central pavilion lies the airship platform with the airship Splashcloud next to it, providing portals to both The Heartlands and Cantermore. A roadway connects the platform to the northern region of the city. For players seeking quicker transport to the heart of Cloudopolis, a shortcut portal can be accessed by climbing down stairs to the maintenance level beneath the airship platform.

Places of interest[]

Cloudopolis Academy[]

The academy in southeastern Cloudopolis

Cloudopolis Academy is where new pegasus players spawn. A cluster of buildings are situated next to a short runway, which appears to be for an aerial track marked by floating cloud rings near the academy. Players can occasionally be seen flying around the aerial track, competing for the fastest lap time.

Cloudopolis Dojo[]

The Dojo's entrance

The dojo in Cloudopolis can be found in the northwestern edge of the city, built on the highest point of Cloudopolis' main cloud body. A waterfall which pours over the city's edge can be found here.


The exterior of the Cloudoseum

The Cloudoseum is a large stadium located off the main body of clouds, linked by a shortcut portal. The arena in the stadium is entirely hollow, facilitating flight movements within.

Rainbow waterfall[]

The rainbow waterfall, feeding into a river

A cascading waterfall of liquid rainbow is likely to be the first landmark which players arriving in Cloudopolis will notice. Situated on the northern region of the city, the waterfall originates from a reservoir on a cloud higher up, which can only be reached by flight. Players interact with the liquid rainbow as they would with normal water, with no special effects gained.

Secret alcove[]

The secret alcove hidden underneath the city

Hidden within the clouds below the city of Cloudopolis is a small alcove accessible only through flight, or extremely skilled unicorn teleportation. Several seat cushions, a table, lamppost and a well can be found here.

Weather Factory[]

Several structures in the Weather Factory

The Weather Factory is a multi-tiered complex found near the rainbow waterfall. Narrow, winding pathways connect different rooms in the weather factory, all of which serve specific purposes such as producing rainbows or clouds.



  1. A Four Star Restaurant is given by Lieutenant Snipe a short distance north of the central pavilion.
  2. Chlorophiliac is given by Peacebloom at the bottom of the rainbow waterfall, west of the airship.
  3. Clearing Up the Rainy Days is given by Loadsa Monet, who can be found northwest of the central pavilion. (breaks A Four Star Restaurant)
  4. Cloudopolis Package Delivery is given by Summer Breeze west of the central pavilion.
  5. Enlightenment is given by Bando Buno who can be found at the dojo.
  6. Fission Mailed is given by Notarize who is on the lower-levelled eastern edge of the city.
  7. Handle with Care is given by Storm Chaser who is sitting in front of the hospital on Airship Avenue.
  8. Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator is given by The Ancient Aviator, who is southwest of the central pavilion on the edge of Cloudopolis.
  9. Safely Home is given by Grouch Voucher on Airship Avenue.
  10. Slippery Slope is given by Turbine
  11. Thirty Minutes or Less is also given by Storm Chaser.


  1. Cloud Race is given by Thunder Boost who is located across the runway at Cloudopolis Academy.
  2. Good Old Days is given by Grampa Biggles, who stands near the runway in the Cloudopolis Academy.
  3. Please, Mr. Postpony is given by Air Mail within the Cloudopolis Post Office, west of the rainbow waterfall.
  4. Rooftop Rumble is given by Skye at the base of the road to Airport Avenue.

Notable NPCs[]

The full list of NPCs can be found at List of NPCs
Air Mail Cirrus Stratos Crank Fire Opal General Messerschmitt
Air Mail.jpg Cirrus Stratos.png Crank.png Fire Opal.png General Messerschmitt.png
Involved in Please, Mr. Postpony Involved in Mindless Violins and Removing Cookies and Browsing Data Involved in Foal Speed Ahead Involved in Mindless Violins and Removing Cookies and Browsing Data Involved in A Four Star Restaurant
Grampa Biggles Lieutenant Snipe Limeaide Loadsa Monet Miss Chanteuse
Grampa Biggles.png Snipe.png Limeaide.png Loadsa Monet.png Miss Chanteuse New Location.PNG
Involved in Good Old Days Involved in A Four Star Restaurant Involved in Fission Mailed Involved in Clearing Up the Rainy Days, Fission Mailed, and We'll Fix It In Post Involved in A Four Star Restaurant,Clearing Up the Rainy Days
Notarize Peacebloom Rainy Days Relic de Falco Spice
Current notarize.png Off.png Rainy Days.png Relic de Falco.png Spice Filly.PNG
Involved in Fission Mailed Involved in Chlorophiliac Involved in Clearing Up the Rainy Days Merchant; sells socks, Gems and Looking Glass Involved in Fission Mailed
Storm Chaser Sugar The Ancient Aviator Wind Runner Windhover
Storm Chaser.png Sugar Filly.PNG The Ancient Aviator.png Wind Runner.png Windhover.png
Involved in Foal Speed Ahead Involved in Fission Mailed Involved in Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator Involved in Foal Speed Ahead Involved in Foal Speed Ahead


  • The city was first made accessible to the public in January 2014, during the third Open Server Event.


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