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Cloudy is a pegasus NPC standing at the top of the slide in the northern part of Cloudopolis.


  • "I wonder if it will rain today. I should have brought my umbrella just in case. Darn it…"
  • "I wonder if will rain today. I should've brought my umbrella just in case... or I could just move the offending clouds."
  • "Will I ever be good at anything? Will you ever be good at something? What does it mean to be good at anything?"
  • "I don't think I'll be very good at my talent. Whatever it is. Unless it's apathy. I'm pretty good at that."
  • "You can always find a job to do around here. Even if it's sweeping. You'd be surprised how much sweeping we've to do on clouds."
  • "Hmmm? Mmmm? Mmm.... want some gum?"
  • "Oh. You're looking for me, right? Right? For me? Just for me? No? Oh..."
  • "I like to choose my words carefully. Doodlesack, placebo, and augustian are my favourites."
  • "You need me? Don't you? Does anyone? Do I?"


  • The adjective cloudy refers to a sky filled with clouds that tend to block sunlight. It can also mean resembling or relating to clouds, particularly to their ability to block light or obscure vision.