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For the game mechanic, see Combat (gameplay)

Combat is a talent which determines the type of armor that the player can equip. Past level 1, every increase in combat level increases the player’s maximum health by 100 points, and energy by 5 points.

Gaining experience[]

Combat experience may be gained when the player defeats a mob using combat-based skills. If more than one player were involved in fighting the mob, the experience gained by each player will be the undivided experience given by the mob, in addition to some bonus experience points.

Combat experience can also be gained by completing quests. Most quests award several thousand XP in all talents upon completion.


The combat talent provides players with a number of skills that focus primarily on dealing damage, though at the cost of angering mobs significantly. Players who specialize in this talent can temporarily negate angered mobs' increased damage with Stored Strike. Using these skills in combat can grant XP to the combat talent if the mob is defeated.

All skills are awarded for free at the end of the Combat Talent Mark quest Beating Around the Bad Guys.

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
SeismicBuckIcon.png Seismic Buck 1 20 "Hit the opponent nearest to you with an earth-shattering kick, sending out a shockwave which can disorient nearby opponents"
Upgrades available: Shockwave, Aftershock
Jeering ShoutIcon.png Jeering Shout 1 500 "Taunt a specific opponent to draw his attention away from your allies"
Upgrades available: Get 'em Angry, Verbal Jousting
SeismicBuckIcon.png Stored Strike 1 20 "Store up power from your opponents attack and unleash it back at them"
Upgrades available: Storage, Strike
AdrenalineSurgeIcon.png Adrenaline Surge 1 500 "Your attacks build a surge of adrenaline which you can unleash suddenly to damage and disorient your opponents"
Upgrades available: Stunning Blow, Rumble, Short Fuse


The combat skill determines which types of armor that players can equip. Higher-level armor sets usually provide greater defensive and offensive bonuses than lower-level armor.

Type Combat level Notes
Copper Chest Plate.png Copper armor 1 Copper armor is the lowest-level craftable armor available,
Brass Chest Plate.png Brass armor 1 Bronze armor provides some health boost in addition to regular armor bonuses.
Bronze Chest Plate.png Bronze armor 4 Bronze armor is the next tier of Artisan armor after Copper.
Iron Chest Plate.png Iron armor 4 Iron armor is the next tier of Artisan armor after Bronze.
Nickel Chest Plate.png Nickel armor 10 Nickel armor provides a slight dodge bonus in addition to regular armor bonuses.
Steel Chest Plate.png Steel armor 12 Steel armor is the next tier of Artisan armor after Iron.
Alicium Chest Plate.png Alicium armor 17 Alicium armor is the next tier of Artisan armor after Steel.
Elementium Chest Plate.png Elementium armor 19 Elementium armor is the next tier of Artisan armor after Alicium.
Gold Chest Plate.png Gold armor 20 Gold armor is marginally stronger than Elementium armor in armor rating, but falls behind on magic resist.
Titanium Chest Plate.png Titanium armor 21 Titanium armor provides solely armor bonuses with no magic resist.
Harmonious Chest Plate.png Harmonious armor 24 Harmonious armor provides strong magic resist with good armor bonuses.
Sunlight Chest Plate.png Sunlight armor 30 Sunlight armor, along with Moonlight armor has the highest armor rating in-game.
Moonlight Chest Plate.png Moonlight armor 30 Moonlight armor is as strong as Sunlight armor.

Talent mastery[]

The maximum level that players can attain in the combat talent is 50.

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