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Common Cure is an Earth pony medical teacher residing in Ponydale. He can be found standing outside his 'makeshift hospital' attending to his patients, Lionheart and Whiplash near the Gem Mines.


  • "Welcome to my makeshift hospital, where the only reason you'll come around is because you've mistaken a Timberwolf for a pile of branches. Guess which one of these patients thought that. Really, guess."
  • "Look, it doesn't matter to me what you do out there on your adventures. As long you're not being stupid like some of my patients can be, we'll be fine."
  • "Hey, do me a favor and actually dodge the attacks, alright? It feels sooo much better than getting hit. Seriously, this is the advice I have to give out sometimes. Woe is me."
  • "Okay, if you're seriously going to the Heartlands, be prepared. Actually, that's something you should always do in life."
  • "Maybe I should consider getting more tents."
  • "Break a leg in the Gem Mines. Actually, don't. I've taken care of three broken legs this week."
  • "You see this tent? It's never empty. Seriously, that's how silly most adventurers are."