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Cooking is one of the Talents in Legends of Equestria, involving the creation of consumable items that provide restorative effects. As players gain levels in the Talent, their success rate of cooking items improves. Players may also gain more Gourmet consumables at a higher cooking level.

To begin in the talent, players must first obtain a Cooking recipe and use it for the item to appear in the crafting interface. Then, with the appropriate ingredients, the corresponding item can be crafted at a suitable crafting station.

Gaining experience[]

Cooking Experience can be gained by successfully producing a food, drink or sweet item from their ingredients. No extra experience is awarded for producing Gourmet items.

Many Quests also award experience in multiple talents upon completion, including Cooking.


All skills, with the exception of Mess Kit, are awarded for free at the end of the Cooking Talent Mark quest Simmer Down.

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
CulinaryTraining.png Culinary Training 1 30 "By undergoing formal training, you are able to improve on your cooking abilities and mess up less often"
FoodMaster.png Food Master 1 20 "You specialize in creating nutritious meals, giving you a chance to produce gourmet food"
DrinksMaster.png Drinks Master 1 20 "You specialize in creating refreshing drinks, giving you a chance to produce gourmet drinks"
SweetsMaster.png Sweets Master 1 20 "You specialize in creating extra-sweet treats, giving you a chance to produce gourmet sweets"
LargerPortions.png Larger Portions 1 500 "You learn to be efficient in your ingredient usage, granting you a chance at creating one more portion of your meal"
RecipeSalvage.png Recipe Salvage 1 500 "Carefully testing ingredients before using all of them gives you a chance at recovering the ingredients even if a cooking task fails."
MessKit.png Mess Kit* 40 1020 "Your cooking prowess allows you to create the finest meals even with a portable mess kit."

*Mess Kit is not available as of 2018.03.02

Talent Mastery[]

The maximum level that can be achieved in Cooking is 50. However, recipes that require level 40 Cooking and above require a Talent Mark in Cooking.

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