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Cuckoo Lane is a Gryphon NPC who can be found at top of Gryphon Roost in Heartlands. He calls himself as a 'leader of my species', hinting he has a strong political presence.


  • "Make no mistake, we Gryphons were here first. You ponies can learn about the land and settle down wherever you please, but you will never know it like we do."
  • "The structural dimorphism in your genus' three species is truly fascinating, but it just goes to show ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. I'm sorry, am I getting too science-y for you? Even as the leader of my species, I still find time to be well-read!"
  • "Our laws are far more complicated than your laws. Not only can our citizens fly, but we have to deal with ever-present natural predators, a dilemma Cloudopolis has never suffered from."
  • "None but the leader can understand of the tribulations that we political leaders must endure. I would not wish this position on my sworn enemy."
  • "I've met every major pony leader except Marina, regent of the sea pony city of Aquantis. Allegedly, she was angered by the tone of my first letter of summons, and holds an impressively long grudge."
  • "I wonder where Gertrude is these days? She's a manufacturing heiress who used to visit every year, but it's been some time since we've seen her. I'd love hearing how the Gryphons in her home city are faring."
  • "It must be nice, being free to roam the world and participate in whatever activity brings you the most joy. Responsibility is a double-bladed dagger."
  • "I must confess, as glorious as my brown feathers are, I've always had a soft spot for yellow coats. We Gryphons do not enjoy as many different colors as you ponies do."
  • "Normally I do not allow ponies to invite themselves into my roosts unannounced. However, I've heard of your exploits, and other ponies say you have a strong moral character."
  • "I envy your unicorn's grasp of magic. Natural magic is one of the few abilities that have eluded even the finest gryphons."


  • Cuckoo Lane is the very first Gryphon with a 3D model in the game.