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"This quest is one of the five playable quests that were available during the second Legends of Equestria stress test. In this quest you must fetch some dandelions for the NPC, Maplesweet, in return for a swanky hoof crafted Dandelion Bracelet." ~ KillerJH2

Dandelion Tamer is a quest obtained from NPC Maplesweet, who is located in the Ponydale Plaza, across from the Town Hall. A customer has asked her for dandelions, which is apparently odd for the floral shop to have since they are so easily collected.

Quest initiation[]

When the player talks to Maplesweet, she will request for the player's help with a little errand. If the player agrees, she will mention that she had received an odd request from a customer earlier during the day whom requires seven dandelions. As dandelions are easy to find and most ponies do not buy them, she does not keep any around in her shop. Hence, she requests the player to obtain the dandelions on her behalf due to her being unable to leave the shop, and promises the player with a reward for helping her. She directs the player to Dancer, a forest ranger, for assistance in looking for the dandelions.

Journal: Find Dancer across the river and ask him where to find dandelions.

  • Find Dancer across the river

Collecting Dandelions[]

Despite the mention that dandelions are easy to find, there are no dandelions that can be picked up in Ponydale. The player has to talk to Dancer who can be found in the park near the windmill for the dandelions instead, which he would reveal that he picked them all and will give the player seven dandelions.

While not an official part of the quest, dandelions may also be obtained alternatively from Flan in Cantermore.

Journal: Get the dandelions back to Maplesweet before they wilt.

  • Give the dandelions to Maplesweet

Quest completion[]

Upon returning with the dandelions, Maplesweet will reward the player with a Dandelion Bracelet and a Water Bucket, both of which can be equipped. The player will also gain 100 XP in all talents.

Journal: Yay! Maplesweet has dandelions and the day is saved!


  • During Open Server Event 5, the quest was broken due to a script error when talking to Maplesweet.
    • The bug has since been fixed.
  • Since the Limited Access Release, a water bucket was added as a quest reward.
  • Before the Open Access Release, the quest originally rewarded the player with 500 XP in all talents.