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NOTE: This quest can no longer be started as of 12th February 2021. It'll be made available again around Winter period.

Dashing Through the Snow is a Christmas-exclusive quest that can be obtained by speaking to Ensemble in the Crystal Kingdom. Speaking to him allows the player to request a commission for a 'festive' costume, after which the player is asked to gather materials.

Quest initiation[]

Ensemble can be found on the south ring of the Crystal Castle center.

When meeting with the famous outfitter, the player recognizes his work and asks if he can make a festive outfit for them. For this time of the year, Ensemble comes up with an outfit that would spread joy and glee around Equestria.

Journal: The fashion designer Ensemble has agreed to create me a festive costume! I need to gather some materials to help him create it, though: branches from timberwolves in the Evershade Forest and Heartlands, a crystal from the lantern monsters wandering the wilds and Ponydale's mine, and some special felt from Marvell in Ponydale's boutique.

  • Get Felt from Marvell
  • Collect 5 Timberwolf Branches
  • Collect one Lantern Crystal

Fetching Materials[]


Marvell is located at his boutique in Ponydale. The player inquires they were sent by Ensemble to get some special felt from him. Marvell speaks about his interaction with Ensemble in the past business in fashion, he can provide the player with his trademark felt for a price of 50 bits.

Timberwolves Branches[]

The player then needs to slay as many Timberwolves as possible that can be found in the Evershade Forest or The Heartlands in order to get the Timberwolf Branches, as the chances of receiving one in the loot chest is not always guaranteed.

Lantern Crystal[]

Much like the Timberwolves, the player has to be lucky to receive a Lantern Crystal from the loot chests after defeating lantern monsters. These monsters can be found roaming all around Equestria, Gem Mines, Evershade Forest and The Heartlands.

Quest completion[]

After obtaining all the materials, the player will have to return and speak to Ensemble. He will express his gratitude and puts the costume together. After watching in amazement of his work of art, he finishes the costume and asks the player to pay a fee of 1000 bits. If the player lacks the funds to pay for it, they can come back later once they have enough.

Upon payment, the player will acquire the full outfit which consists of Reindeer Antlers and Reindeer Nose.

Journal: I now have a fantabulous reindeer costume made by the premier designer, Ensemble!


  • The quest was first introduced during the Holiday Update of 2017, and was made available from 22nd December 2017 till 28th March 2018[2].
  • The quest was re-activated for the Holiday Update of 2018, and was made available from 23rd December 2018 till late April 2019[3][4].
  • The quest was re-activated for the Winter period of 2019 as part of update v. 2019.02.03, and was made available from 26th December 2019 till 27th February 2020.
  • The quest was re-activated for the Winter Update of 2020, and was made available since 5th December 2020 till 12th February 2021[5].