Legends of Equestria Wiki

Required files:[]

The following files need to be in the same folder as PonyscriptTester.exe

  • Ponyscript.dll
  • character.txt
  • test.pony (optional)

Writing a test script[]

either edit test.pony, or, make your own file, with any extension. For more information on using ponyscript, read this https://github.com/adamrezich/ponyquest/blob/master/PonyScript.md

Testing a script[]

there are two ways to test a script.

  • If you edited test.pony, running PonyscriptTester will attempt to go through test.pony
  • click and drag your file onto PonyscriptTester. The program will attempt to go through that file

Working with quests/inventory[]

the program will ask to save quest and inventory information when it exits, and saves it in character.txt. You can edit this file to change the values of inventory quantities, as well as quest stage values, which it will then take into account the next time you run the program. This is functionally identical to how information about quests will be saved in the game (though of course other things will be changing the inventory/quest stage values), and helps you determine how the script should run based upon information about the character, and what they've already accomplished in the game.

If you mess up the file, you can just delete it, and the program will remake it upon running through a script again.