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Double Check is an NPC found in the Crystal Kingdom. She can be seen inside the Crystal Castle Throne room, on the left of Princess Gumdrop, facing Sentinel.


  • "I'm not Princess Gumdrop. Princess Gumdrop is to your right."
  • "It's okay if you didn't mean to talk to me. Visitors sometimes make that mistake."
  • "If you're here with the flowers, drop them off with the receptionist on the first floor."
  • "If you have an immigration question, please see Visa in the room directly across from this one."
  • "I don't believe we have any reason to be talking. If you are here for the Princess, she is right there."
  • "I am busy. I will only tell you this so many times until, at some point, I will have to assume that either you are not capable of understanding, or you just don't care."
  • "You are probably not wanting to talk to me. You are probably wanting to talk to Princess Gumdrop, the pink pony in the big blue chair."
  • "If you would like to publicly lodge a complaint, feel free to do so, but please do not shout."
  • "If you are looking for mercenary contracts, there aren't any."
  • "If you would like to anonymously lodge a complaint, please write it down and submit it to the Complaint Box."