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Dragons are mobs which can be found in the depths of the Evershade ForestThe Frontier and The Heartlands. A dragon is highly aggressive, breathing large flames onto the player once they are within range - even while in flight. The flames deal high damage, and continuously damages players who do not move out of it. Dragons also have the ability to cast a variant of the Rough Terrain skill, damaging players over time. Furthermore, they have extremely high health, over 10 times more than an average mob of the same level. This makes dragons rather difficult to defeat.

Loot Table[]

At lvl Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
10 Brass Chest Plate.png Brass Chest Plate moderate 20
30,50 Coal.png Coal common 24
30,50 Iron ore.png Iron Ore common 4
50 Alicium ore.png Alicium Ore moderate 50
50 Mint Leaf.png Mint Leaf common 1
50 Garnet.png Garnet moderate 172
50 Topaz.png Topaz moderate 280
40,50 Diamond.png Diamond moderate 400
50 Heating catalyst.png Heating Catalyst moderate 4
50 Gold Chest Plate.png Gold Chest Plate common 2200
50 Gold Front Legs.png Gold Front Legs common 1800
50 Gold Helmet.png Gold Helmet common 4000
50 Sunlight Helmet.png Sunlight Helmet moderate 13200
50 Sunlight Chest Plate.png Sunlight Chest Plate moderate 10200
50 Sunlight Back Plate.png Sunlight Back Plate moderate 17600
50 Sunlight Front Legs.png Sunlight Front Legs moderate 5400
50 Sunlight Back Legs.png Sunlight Back Legs moderate 5400


  • During Open Server Event 9, dragons were given an upgrade in abilities, allowing them to use an attack similar to Rough Terrain as well as fly.
  • The level 65 dragon's name is Greg. Upsetting Greg is highly discouraged.



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