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A crafting material depicted to have defensive capabilities. As such, it can be used to improve the Armor stat of crafted armor. It sells for 132 bits.


Loot from Mobs[]

It can be found as rare loot from a Corgi.

During Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold[]

During the artisan quest, 5 Emeralds must be collected by the player in the Gem Mines. Only 3 of them will be used though, leaving 2 to be used for anything desired.


Increasing Crafted Armor Defense[]

A pony that specializes in the artisan talent can take crafted armor and improve its armor stat for better physical protection. This action must be learned from the appropriate forging guide. The resulting armor may be referred to as 'fortified' or 'reinforced'.

Making Armor Harmonies[]

Armor Harmonies require Emeralds to craft.