Energy is a statistic in Legends of Equestria that only players have. It represents the player's remaining capacity to perform skills. At level 1, unicorns and pegasi start with 100 energy, while earth ponies start with 125 energy.

Using skillsEdit


Magical Arrow, a skill that requires Energy to be performed.

Players can perform a variety of skills in the game, most of which involve consuming energy. Players who sprint will also result in their energy being drained. Using more powerful skills tends to require more energy. Once the player reaches 0 energy, they cannot perform any skills, and must recover sufficient energy to do so.

List of skills that require energyEdit

Universal Icon Name Energy cost
GroundPoundIcon Ground Pound 15
GroundPoundIcon Bubble Barrage 15
UnicornTeleportIconTeleport 1-1000
RainbowFieldsIcon Poseys and Prickleys 40
SeismicBuckIcon Sphere of Protection 35
MagicalArrowIcon Hypnosis 35
MagicalArrowIcon Magical Arrow 70
EnergyIcon Sprinting 11 per second
Pegasus SeismicBuckIcon Airstep 35
DualCycloneIconCyclone 30
SeismicBuckIcon Wind Rapier 60
SeismicBuckIcon Blowback 30
EnergyIcon Sprinting 11 per second
Earth ponyGroundPoundIconGround Pound 15
SeismicBuckIcon Seismic Buck 35
RoughTerrainIcon Rough Terrain 50
EnergyIcon Sprinting 11 per second

Recovering energyEdit

Unicorns and pegasi naturally gain about 10 energy per second without modifiers, while Earth ponies gain 12.5 energy per second. At level 1, this translates to about roughly 10 seconds for a player with 0 energy to regain all their energy. Certain types of equipment can increase the energy regeneration of a player.

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