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Eye Sore is a quest given by Eagle Eye in the Crystal Kingdom. Players can find her next to Crystal Library.

The player must still be a foal to accept this quest.

Quest initiation[]

After completion of Eagle Eye's investigation, the player can seek her once more and will notice that she appears visibly bothered by something. She communicates that her "mission" is to influence ponies to buy suitable outfits for themselves. A few lines of questioning later, she asks for more help from the player.

She reveals that she's bothered by ponies' poor choice of clothing, from what she has seen in Crystal Kingdom. Claiming she's noticed one pony wearing a full suit of armour and a pair of checkered socks, she mentions that she has a tendency to find mismatched outfits very irksome.

She comes up with an idea; instead of critiquing other ponies outfit without being able to give them feedback, she'll be willing to criticize the player's choice of outfit. She tasks the player to come back to her with their best outfit they can think of, to see if the player appreciates fashion and is not afraid to show it.

Journal: I wonder how well Eagle Eye's fashion sense actually is. Although, dressing up to help somepony is technically a quest in its own right, at least enough to make not of. I'll just grab an outfit and return to her when I'm ready.

  • Show Eagle Eye your fashion sense

Quest completion[]

After the player has worn some piece of equipment (or none at all), return to Eagle Eye. She will remark that the outfit looks good and gifts the player a pair of sunglasses to complement the outfit. She also compensates the player with 25 bits and the player will also gain 100 XP in all talents.

Journal: I helped Eagle Eye with her fashion question and got some cool sunglasses. Maybe I should wear these at night sometime.


  • The choice of equipment worn by the player does not affect Eagle Eye's dialogue.
    • The player can even talk to Eagle Eye again without wearing any equipment at all.
  • When the quest was originally introduced, Eagle Eye does not compensate the player with any bits despite the quest dialogue.
    • This bug has since been fixed, she now compensates 25 bits to the player.