Final Ink is a librarian at the Cantermore Library. She is located outside the library between Cantermore Central Square and Cantermore University. She plays in integral role in several quests.


  • "Sigh"
  • "Cough"
  • "Yesss?"
  • "If you’re here to make a complaint, get in line."
  • "Oh, wonderful, more ponies stomping through here. I’m going to need more aspirin."
  • "I’m ever so happy to see you. See this? This is my happy face."
  • "You’re looking for books? Oh, we don’t have any of those here. We just call ourselves a library for giggles."
  • "Ah… it’s so easy to lose yourself in a good book. I wish I could live in a fantasy world..."
  • "Juuuust hold on a moment. I’m just getting to the good part of this book."
  • "Ugh... Whaaat can I do for you todaaay?"
  • "I know it’s tempting, but don’t eat pages out the books. Please. You just look like the type."
  • "The books are over there. I don’t know why you’re talking to me, I’m not a book. You did know that, right? That I’m not a book?"
  • "It’s a funny thing. Closing time comes around, people stop bothering me, and magically my headache goes away. What do you suppose that means?"