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Frizzy Stradlin is an Earth pony NPC located at the edge of Ponydale, just outside the schoolhouse. She starts the earth pony tutorial quest.


  • "Throw yourself into learning and never be afraid to take risks. You might fail sometimes, but you'll be a better pony for it."
  • "Sometimes my students act up, but not very often. Knowledge is power, after all."
  • "Don't forget -- there's a field trip next week! Ah, I love field trips!"
  • "As my uncle always said, knowledge means nothing if it just sits there collecting dust."
  • "Anything is possible. Except the things that aren't, of course, but we'll get to that later."
  • "Be sure to write with us! The students love to hear about other ponies' adventures."
  • [Hallowtide Only] "Yes, I do have some candy for you [Player Name]. Black Flag would be furious to see us celebrating his defeat handing out the food that he hoarded to himself."
  • [Hallowtide Only] "Certainly, [Player Name]. There's an old pony who tends to the Pet Graveyard in the Heartlands who knows quite a bit about Hallowtide; I recommend you talk to him if you want to find out more about the origins of Hallowtide."

Player Responses[]

  • [Hallowtide Only] "Give candy to one and all, to celebrate the villain's fall! It's Hallowtide! Could I get some sweet, sweet candy?
  • [Hallowtide Only] "Thanks!"
  • [Hallowtide Only] "I don't much about Black Flag, do you know where I can learn more about him?"