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A food item. Although it requires a master in the arts of cooking to make, its ingredients - Apples, Bananas and Pears - are fairly simple to gather.


Learned From: (Look here for Fruit Salad Recipe)

Cooking Level Requirement: 40 (Master)

Made at: MixingBowl

Crafting Time: 1 Second

Experience Gained on Success: 1350 xp

Ingredients Amount
Green Apple.png Green Apple x1
Red Apple.png Red Apple x1
Yellow Apple.png Yellow Apple x1
Banana.png Banana x3
Pear.png Pear x3

When Used[]

The following is a list of effects given to the player when consumed:

Stat Regular Gourmet Duration (seconds)
Health +900 +1080
Health Regen +800% +960% 10s