Legends of Equestria Wiki

Creating an account[]

Legends of Equestria Pre-Alpha title screen

An account must first be registered on the forums, in order to login to the game. Players must then download the latest client software from the website. Once this is done, the game can be played when the game servers are open.

Downloading the client[]

There are specific clients for different operating systems (OS). The correct one must be downloaded and run in order to play the game. There's also a launcher for Windows, which simplifies the download and installation process.

Joining the game[]

An instance ID

There are a few servers to choose from upon logging into the official Legends of Equestria client. In each server, there are multiple instances of the game. Players must join the same server and instance in order to see each other in-game. Players can switch to a different instance by clicking on the instance ID on the top left of the screen underneath the map. Each instance has a capacity of 150 players.

Creating a character[]

When entering the game, players will have the option to create a character, choose one of the characters they have already made or load a pre-made character using a Ponycode. The list displays each character's name, race, and the option to delete the character. Up to 6 different characters can be created.

Creating a character comes with a variety of options for initial customization. The upper portion of the screen shows the customized pony, while the lower portion shows the options available for customization.

  • Players first define the pony's name, race and gender.
  • Next, the eye type and iris color, as well as the pony's size and coat color can be customized.
  • Thirdly, mane and tail styles can be selected, in addition to modifying their color(s).
  • Talent Marks are chosen in the fourth screen. The game does not allow custom talent marks.

Interface basics[]

Ponies of different races start in one of the three main cities. Earth ponies spawn in Ponydale, unicorn ponies spawn in Cantermore, and pegasus ponies spawn in Cloudopolis.

Beta gamegui.png

The graphical user interface(s) (GUIs) for each type of pony follows the same format with only slight differences. What they share in common are the following:

1. Navigation area

This area displays a minimap and compass, with a location label, and a clock showing the time. The clock is represented visually by a sun and a moon, showing players the time left till dawn or dusk. Players can adjust the zoom level of the minimap.

2. Chatbox

Players can communicate to one another through the chatbox. The various tabs are Global, for messages within the entire server, Whisper, for private messages, Herd, for herd messages, Party, for players within a party, and Local, for messages in the current map, server, and instance.

3. Hotbar

The character's Health (red ribbon), Energy (blue ribbon), name and level, as well as available emotes and abilities are shown here. Moving the purple slider on the red ribbon reveals 9 other pages of hotkey slots where other abilities can be accessed.

4. Pet menu

A pawprint icon for pets where a pet's actions can be accessed.

5. Notifications

A notifications window for when friends log on/off or other updates.

6. General information

Book GUI

The book contains five tabs with different purposes:
  • Red: Skills
  • Orange: Emotes
  • Yellow: Map
  • Purple: Friends List for adding/removing friends.
  • Cyan: Quests and Journal entries for quests
7. Inventory

The inventory

A backpack for item storage and character information. The left side shows the player's character with slots for equipment. The 3 icons underneath it show the player's health, defense and energy. Underneath that is a description box, which displays several other stats such as attack, energy regeneration and speed. Above the inventory slots is the player's balance of bits.
8. Settings

The settings menu allows for adjustment of audio and video configurations, or to log out of the game.

User controls[]

Both the mouse and keyboard are used in this game. The mouse allows one to target players and mobs or perform actions with a left-click, and open menus for actions with a right-click. Non Player Characters (NPCs) can be interacted with by right-clicking them, which will reveal a menu with options such as Talk or Shop.

The default in-game keybinds
General movement controls
Key Function
W Walk forward
A Walk left
S Turn around and walk
D Walk right
Space Jump
Double-tap W Sprint forward
Hold Shift+W Walk forward
Middle-click and drag Pan camera
Right-click and drag Fine-tuned direction control
Pegasus flight controls
Key Function
Double-tap space Fly (hold to ascend)
Hold control descend
Double-tap control fall
Q Left barrel roll
E Right barrel roll

Unicorns can also teleport by first pressing the teleport icon in the skill bar (TeleportIcon.png), and then left-clicking to select the destination, at the cost of energy.

Icons on the skill bar are either emotes, or maneuvers or attacks that are specific to the races, and are elaborated on their respective pages.


Main article: Quest

Accepting a quest from NPC Nurse Coldhoof

Some NPCs will ask players to perform specific tasks when spoken to. These quests can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete, and may or may not yield rewards. While many quests are simple favors, others may require venturing into dangerous territory like the Evershade Forest.


Main article: Combat

A player targeting a mob.

Mobs are targeted just like players by left-clicking on them to view their red health bar, although they don't display the blue energy bar that players have. Once a mob is targeted, selecting a skill from the hotbar will allow the player to attack the mob when in range. Targeting players allows the opportunity for unicorns to heal them using the Heal skill, or for player-versus-player (PvP) combat if within a sparring area.

Various places in the game contain Mobs. Most mobs can be confronted when they appear individually, but groups of mobs can easily overwhelm a player. Upon fainting, players respawn at the entrance of the map that they came from without any loss of items. It is hence better to travel in dangerous places with friends for protection when danger arises.