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Grassy Fields is an earth pony NPC in Legends of Equestria. She works at Sweet Apple Orchard with her Husband, Farmer Fields. She has two Children, Wellington and Li'l Galoshes who are also at the farm. As of August 2015, she will give the player either a Red Apple, Yellow Apple, or a Green Apple every time she is talked to.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Red Apple.png Red Apple 4 0
Yellow Apple.png Yellow Apple 4 0
Pear.png Pear 4 0
Carrot.png Carrot 4 0
Lettuce.png Lettuce 5 0
Onion.png Onion 2 0
Potato.png Potato 3 0
Egg item.png Egg 2 0
Sugar(Item).png Sugar 2 0
Applesauce.png Applesauce 5 1
Hay.png Hay 1 0
Wheat.png Wheat 1 0
Milk.png Milk 6 1
Celery Stalk.png Celery Stalk 3 0
LettuceSeed.png Lettuce Seed 3 0
WheatSeed.png Wheat Seed 6 1
TomatoSeed.png Tomato Seed 4 0
StrawberrySeed.png Strawberry Seed 16 3


  • Oh, hello! Did the smell from my kitchen drag you in?
  • Y'know, sometimes I feel like goin' out on those fields and gettin' back to workin' on the farm with my husband, just like the good ol' days...
  • Pleased to see you!
  • Hi there. Welcome to Sweet Apple Orchard!
  • Welcome! Make yourself at home!
  • Sometimes I go over to Sugarcane Corner and swap recipes with Silver Platter. Ever since I took up baking we've become fast friends.
  • If you see my husband around, be sure to say howdy! He's always happy to see visitors.
  • These days i fill my time by bakin' for the family. If ya drop by sometime, I might have a little somethin' left over for you.
  • I help around the farm sometimes, of course, waterin' the plants an' such. I'm just gettin' a little old for the harder work.
  • Everypony loves coming to visit us. I'm not sure whether it's for my husband's crops or my baking!