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See also Red Apple, Yellow Apple.

Green Apples are a food item that when used replenish 50 points of your Health. Oddly, this is the only kind of apple that Grassy Fields doesn't sell.

Where found[]

Green Apples can be purchased from Sales Pitch in the Crystal Kingdom, Micro Transaction in Cantermore, or Granny Grey in Ponydale.

It can also be obtained as loot from an Apple Dryad.

As an Ingredient[]

The following foods use Green Apple in their recipe:

When Used[]

The following is a list of effects given to the player when consumed:

Stat Effect Duration (seconds)
Health +50
Health Regen +200% 5s
Energy Regen +20% 5s


  • In OSE 8, green apples were included in the game coding but were not available to players. As of OSE 9 and later, they were obtainable by talking to Grassy Fields at Sweet Apple Orchard. They can no longer be obtained from her.
  • An apple is the edible fruit of the apple tree, Malus domestica, a flowering deciduous.