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The Gryphon Roost is a structure added to the Heartlands during Open Server Event 10. A griffin NPC named Cuckoo Lane can be found there.

Mining spot for Iron Ore is next to Gryphon Roost.


The Gryphon Roost can be found between the Heartlands Gate and Midway Village.


Standing taller than the surrounding trees, the Gryphon Roost has a narrow central shaft supporting one large roofed platform near the top and six smaller ones either hanging from arms (except for the lowest, which is fit around the central shaft).


Because there are no ramps or portals about the Gryphon Roost, only flight or clever teleportation will allow a pony access to its various platforms.


  • Players have referred to the Gryphon Roost as the "Griffin Nest", "Griffin Tower" or simply "The Roost".