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A Ponydale guard on patrol

Guards, also known as the Cantermore Guard, the Cloudopolis Guard, the Ponydale Guard or the Royal Guard depending on their location, are armored NPCs that can be found both patrolling the major towns and guarding specific locations.


Most guards wear armor, typically Moonlight or Sunlight armor, although many leave out the helmet. Most have names in the form of "(Location) Guard".


Some guards move about the map at a walking pace, always on a fixed path as if on patrol. They may pause at points, but they always resume their patrol. As of Open Server Event 11, guards will walk up to the player and wave, however, they will also chase after and attack the player if provoked.


Guards will offer dialogue as an option if they're clicked on. As of Open Server Event 11 during July 2016, Ponydale guards will provide assistance to locations when spoken to, namely the Sugarcane Corner, The Store, The Hospital, The Mines, The Boutique, The Park and the Town Hall.

In the future, guards will fight mobs around towns to keep them safe. However, their artificial intelligence (AI) is still under development.

Notable Guards[]


  • The guards were introduced in pre-alpha 9.
  • When requesting any guard for assistance to a location, another guard will spawn instead to bring the player to the location.
    • The spawned guard will despawn if the player goes too far away, and will also despawn once the destination had been reached.
    • If the spawned guard was attacked by the player or by other players along the way, the guard will start chasing after and attack them instead.
    • It is possible to spawn more than one guard to bring the player to the destination.