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The Haetea is a mob that exhibits a group aggression similar to
Husky Diamond Dogs. They can be found in the
Bramble Woods area of The Heartlands.


A Haetea is a lion-like creature with a yellow mane and tail, with various stripes and markings across its head and body.


Like all aggressive mobs, the Haetea will attack the player on sight. A Haetea will breathe fire akin to a Dragon when they get close.

Loot Table[]

  • At lvl
Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
37 Sunlight Chest Plate.png Sunlight Chest Plate common 10200
37 Ruby.png Ruby uncommon 180
37 Garnet.png Garnet rare 172
37 Topaz.png Topaz rare 280
37 Turquoise.png Turquoise rare 320
37 Diamond.png Diamond rare 400
37 Energy Materia.png Energy Materia rare 0
37 Guide.png Harmonious Front Legs Forging Guide rare 11
37 Guide.png Harmonious Back Legs Forging Guide rare 11


  • Xiezhi (Chinese: 獬豸) or Haetae (Korean: 해태, often spelled Haitai or Haechi) is a legendary creature in Chinese and Korean mythology.

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