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EDIT: Contact LostSolstice (Storm Quill) or fill out the form below on the LoE Evershade Crusaders page if you are interested in joining.

"We are the Evershade Crusaders."

"Bringing Friendship one Exploration at a Time"

We as Evershade Crusaders love to explore. We stick together and make sure nopony is left behind: we never back down and never give in, we will fight to the dying breath to protect those who choose to wander the Evershade alone. Our goal is for you to be a proud explorer and find your role in your peers. Even if your role is taken, nopony can ever be better than you, we are all similar in a way. So let us join together as brothers and sisters. And take back what fear has taken from us. Because here with the Evershade Crusaders, you are a welcomed friend. The creatures whom tread the Evershade beware the piercing light of our magic for we are coming.

The Elements of Community:

The Element of Unity - Storm Quill (Council of 6)

The Element of Trust - Arcania Wonder (Council of 6)

The Element of Peace - Peacekeeper (Council of 6)

The Element of Forgiveness - Rainy Belle (Council of 6)

The Element of Perseverance - Teal (Council of 6)

The Element of Support - Firestar Dashie (Council of 6)

Members (by race)


Arcania Wonder

Eternal Impact


Glimmering Aurora


Storm Quill



Rainy Belle

Heavenly Tone

Peg Aysys

Spring Tapia

Shadow Wing

Aspir Drops

Tropic Dash


Minty Burst

Bumble Crash

Kael Silverstar

Firestar Dashie


Cherry Cream

Shadow Phantom

Serpent Scale

Meteor Sprint

Jamison Braveheart

Color Bow

Flutter Lights


Verdant Tome


Strawberry Sun

Chacka Lackin

Eternal Winter

Mystic Ivy

How to join? Fill out the form below and send it to me on the forum page!

OC Name - 

OC Age - 

OC Race - 

OC Gender - 

OC Talent - 

Discord group: Evershade Crusaders 

If interested in joining, contact Arcania Wonder on discord AlecMos#0405