About Us Edit

We as the Guardians of Harmony try to protect this world and all its creatures from all evil of the dark and dangerous Evershade Forest. We also try to help out everypony that is in need as good as we can. For the purpose of Legends of Equestria, the Guardians of Harmony will mainly focus on helping out other players who are new to the game or who need help to complete their quests or need assistance in the dangers of the Evershade Forest. Even though our current home-servers are meant to be Europonia & Neightherlands, everypony is very welcome to join us!

Rules Edit

  • Respect and assist others in need
  • Official language in this herd is English only
  • No NSFW content allowed
  • Do not spam chats or other members
  • Do not discuss critical topics like religion or politics
  • No heavy cursing
  • No bullying
  • Arguments between members in private chat only
  • Be friendly

Herd Activity Edit

  • You don't need to be active ingame everyday
  • You have to be active in the forum thread at least once a month
  • You are not forced to join any herd activites
  • You have to show that you are part of the herd in your signature or personal text on your forum profile

Ranking System: Edit

  • Guardian of Harmony (Guild leader)
  • Assistant (Officer) = Lvl. 50 + assistant role in the herd
  • Guardian (Veteran) = Lvl. 50
  • Adventurer (Member) = Lvl. 0-49
  • Traveler (Guest) = Herd Testphase

Members Edit

  • LoE forum member Syncenator (Herd leader) = Starbeam (Pegasi) & Midnight Linguist (Unicorn) = Healing & Unknown
  • LoE forum member NimbleGlanceSW (Co. Herd leader) = Star Writter (Unicorn) = Unknown
  • LoE forum member Dazzleflaash (Co. Herd leader) = Dazzleflash (Pegasi) = Unknown
  • LoE forum member raphaelelf (Member) =Opal Shiel (Earth Pony) = Protecting

How to Join Edit

  • OC Name
  • OC Age
  • OC Race
  • OC Gender
  • OC Talent
  • Reason

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