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Welcome to the Knights' Herd Page!

Hello!  My name is DawnsEmbrace, but most call me Dawns!

I'm the herd leader, known as the Dawn Captain.

Other members of high-ranking status are my Lieutenant, Ramisha.

I formed this little group because I wanted a more organized way of playing with my friends, as well as a flag to wave while doing it.  So step right up!  There are snacks and refreshments on the table to your right, and plenty of people to make friends with on your left!

The Knights of the Dawn are located primarily on Piaffe, though not exclusively.

If you wish for more information, want to submit a form, or just want to say "Hi!", you can find us on the forums Here

Members List:

(DawnsEmbrace) Dawns Embrace: Dawn Captain

(Ramisha) Forest Wyvern: First Lieutenant

(ChibiGrrl) Sweet Hoof: Second Lieutenant

(Greyscaleisme) Grey Scale: Sergeant

(Checkmate) Checkmate: Sergeant

(PlatinumJoystick) Joystick: Sergeant

(Grizzly) Blue Scale: Sergeant

(Siox) Siox: Corporal

(Naura) Naura: Corporal

(Howitzer) Howitzer: Corporal

(VelvetSketch) Velvet Knight: Corporal

(M00nGl0w) Moon Glow: Corporal