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What is the Sunshine Republic?[]

The Sunshine Republic is all about helping ponies all over Equestria.

Like the New Lunar Republic we serve a Princess. We will fight mobs and protect ponies of all kind, big and small. The Sunshine Republic is mainly set in Cantermore but protects places like Heartlands too. We mainly fight, but we also do stuff like role playing too for those who are interested.

Our Rules[]

  1. Give your respect to all members and Princess Celestia
  2. Understand that we want to have fun, but if you don't take the rules/any events seriously, you will be dismissed.
  3. Don't start your own quest!! Quests will be given out to every pony!
  4. All of our fellow members are friends we are kind to each other

How to recognise us[]

We all have to wear the sunshine armour. PLEASE NOTE: the armour we are wearing we bought ourself so don't ask us to buy it for you. In order to fight efficiently we train ourselves to be levels 20 and above

Sunshine Republic Oath[]

We serve in the shadows to save the night
We give our respect to the Princess of light.
Through the wind, the storm, the snow,
We let all our fear go!

Our members[]

Princess (Leader) - Princess Celestia - lightningpie - Pegasus

Head Leader - Sun Shine - rainbowdust - Pegasus