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Four CTC Herd members, all wearing cowpony hats.

Who is in the Cross Time Corral herd? We are ponies for those who reached Legends of Equestria from the Cross Time Cafe forums (or vice verse).

We're not just Nice, we're positively congenial!
-- paraphrased from forums on The Nice

Forum threads[]


  • Help others.
  • Expand and share knowledge of the LoE world.
  • Dance like nobody's watching.

How to identify us[]

Cowpony Hat.png
Gala Boots.png

Members can often be found dancing in front of Sugarcane Corner.

We also favor wearing Cowpony Hats or Gala Boots.


  • LoE forum member McClaw, playing variously as Major Snark, General Snark, Private Snark, Chuck Wagon, or Census Taker.
  • LoE forum member Bitey, playing variously as Ginger Tofu, Charles Wellshod, or Sunny George.
  • LoE forum member White Pony, playing as White Pony.
  • LoE forum member Tsuki Hana, playing variously as Baker's Dozen or Tsuki Hana.
  • LoE forum member Cornelius Inkwell, playing variously as Cornelius Inkwell, Strawberry Shortcake, or Nyquill Delight.