Herds are guilds in Legends of Equestria that players may create or join. They can range from roleplaying groups to exploration teams. The purpose of creating herd profiles on the wiki is to allow players to quickly look up a herd without going through the forums. Additionally, Wikia formatting tools may allow such pages to look better as compared to forum threads. Herd profiles should have a leader, or at least a group of representatives. Leaders or representatives should indicate both their in-game name, as well as their forum name, as Legends of Equestria allows for multiple characters with the same name. Remember that for a herd profile to be allowed on the wiki, that herd must be active, either on the forums, or in the game.

This will create a page with the title "Herd profiles/(Your herd name)".
DO NOT create your herd profile as an independent page on the wiki.

Remember to add [[Category:Herd profiles]] at the end of your page!

If your herd is actively recruiting, check out the {{Recruiting}} template over here on how to add it to your page!

Roleplaying on the wiki is strictly not allowed. Please keep them to the Roleplaying board on the Legends of Equestria forums, or some other communication channel. The herd discussion board can be found here.

What to add to herd profilesEdit

Herd-related information can be added to herd profiles. Adding images is recommended to allow the page to look more vibrant, while banners can help with displaying the herd's identity. Herd adventure logs can also help potential recruits to find out what the herd does. Do learn to use Source mode while editing, as Visual mode may lead to some quirks in the formatting. For a quick course on how to make full use of the wiki editor using Source mode, see here.

Important information to addEdit

  • Herd leader / representative(s)
  • Herd description
  • Members in the herd
  • Link to forums

Optional informationEdit

  • Adventure logs (Must involve at least 3 or more ponies!)
  • Frequent hangouts
  • Member ranks
  • Short description of members
  • Herd alliances / competitors

Index of herd profile pagesEdit

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