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High Time for Pie is a quest that requires the player to purchase a pie in Ponydale and bring it back to Cantermore. It was one of the first quests to be put in the game since its inception in the 2nd Open Server Weekend

Quest initiation[]

The player can obtain the quest from Geizhufe in the Cantermore main plaza by starting a conversation with him and commenting that he looks hungry. Geizhufe states that he is waiting on a late delivery, and is therefore unable to go and get food. As he is getting rather hungry and has a craving for a pie, he gives the player forty bits to get him a Cherry Pie from Sugarcane Corner, promising that it will be worth their while.

As the quest journal does not indicate the type of pie from the conversation, the player must remember which is the correct pie to get.

Journal: Geizhufe would like to get a pie. He gave me bits to go get him one.

  • Bring Geizhufe a pie.

Getting the pie[]

The player will have to travel to Ponydale via the train to purchase a Cherry Pie from Silver Platter, who can be located at the Sugarcane Corner.

Quest completion[]

When the player returns to Geizhufe with the correct pie, Geizhufe will reward the player with five bits and a wearable empty pie tin hat. The player will also gain 1000 XP in all talents.

However, if the player returns with the wrong pie, Geizhufe will not reward the player with anything.

Journal: (No additional entries)


  • During Open Server Event 8, this quest is inaccessible if the player has already started the Removing Cookies and Browsing Data quest.
    • The bug has since been fixed as of Open Server Event 9.