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The Hornet is a mob that can be found roaming the edge of the Evershade Forest, The Frontier and The Heartlands, as well as in great numbers at the hive inside Bramble Woods. They can also be found roaming atop the large rainbowfall in Cloudopolis, a location accessible only to pegasi. Only hornets in the large rainbowfall in Cloudopolis sometimes drop Frozen Essence Drops. These mobs are aggressive, and attack the player by stinging them, but hornets of lower levels, such as those in the Evershade, will often ignore the player. However, level 22 hornets are very dangerous and can attack in large groups. Sometimes, higher leveled hornets will drop rubies.

Loot Table[]

At lvl Icon Item Probability Sell-Value (bits)
3+ Dandelion-0.png Dandelion common 0
3+ Mountain Flower.png Mountain Flower common 0
3+ Daisy-0.png Daisy common 0
3+ Sugar(Item).png Sugar (Item) common 0
3+ DaisySeed.png Daisy Seed common 0
20+ OrangeSeed.png Orange Seed uncommon 1
20+ 433.png Grape Seed uncommon 7



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