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Hullabaloo is a pegasus NPC who can be found outside a house in northeast Cantermore on the street heading to the airship once the player has graduated. Talking to him starts the Removing Cookies and Browsing Data quest.


Hullabaloo's in-game character has a pale yellow coat with a steel grey/blue mane and yellow/orange eyes. His Talent Mark is a burst of multicolored streamers. His dialogue picture depicts him with a spiky mane and tail, and in some of his expressions he has bags under his eyes.


  • "Player name! Let me tell you. You don't know how happy I am to see you here. Long story short, I'm preppin' for a really big party I'm gonna be throwin' tonight at the Gala Hall -- oh, I'm throwing a real big party at the Gala Hall by the way, you should swing by if you're in town-- and I've been too busy to pick up the catering. Like right now I'm out here handing out fliers and waiting on two different guys to run two different errands in two different towns and meet me back here about twenty minutes ago. If you've not too busy, could you run over to the Paso Fino for me?" (Begins "Removing Cookies and Browsing Data".)