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I Shouldn't Be Here is a Faultless Four quest given by Halite, a unicorn in the Crystal Kingdom. She is standing with Silicon along the outer circle of the Crystal Kingdom on the north side. She has a light amberish gray coat, a pale, light grayish persian blue mane and pale, light grayish harlequin eyes, and she wears lab goggles.

Halite and the magical storage crystal[]

Halite was up all night creating the Faultless Four's magical storage crystal and wants the player to take the crystal to Professor Flamel in Cantermore at the Cantermore University so that he might do a peer review of their invention. She is very nervous about what he might say, so Silicon tries to reassure her. Reassured, she offers the player a few mana-recharging crystals as payment.

Journal: I should deliver the prototype crystal to Flamel, the Alchemy professor in Cantermore.

  • Deliver the crystal to Flamel

Backward talks Flamel Professor[]

The player delivers the crystal to Professor Flamel, and it is soon dsicovered that the crystal is seriously flawed. Not only did it almost explode, the magical energy eminating from the crystal has a very bad side effect of making ponies in the vicinity talk their words in reverse order. The effects do not last for very long, thank Equestria, but the professor does not wish to deal with the Faultless Four again anytime soon.

Journal: I delivered the crystal to Flamel, and it nearly exploded right in his hooves. Luckily, the effect it cast faded away pretty quickly, but Flamel was disappointed by Halite's work. I need to return back to Halite and tell her what happened.

  • Talk to Halite

The aftermath[]

Upon hearing that her crystal has such nearly-disasterous effects, Halite has a complete emotional breakdown. She insists that she is a fraud and a klutz and that the other three of their group should have nothing to do with her. Whether or not the player broke the news gently to Halite, Silicon insists that the player help in calming her down. They all walk through the steps of what happened and determine that it was Halite's pulling an all-nighter without proper rest or help.

With a lesson well learned, Halite thanks the player with the promised mana-restoring gems. These ones won't explode.

Journal: I've delivered the prototype to Flamel, and told Halite his reaction. It didn't go very well, but I accomplished the mission.


Upon completion of this quest, the player is rewarded 20 Bits, 4 Mana Crystals and 150 XP in all talents.