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A player's inventory system

A pony's inventory is where it carries items and prepares to use them.


To display a pony's inventory, click on the backpack icon in the lower right of the user interface.

When the inventory is open, it fills most of the screen. The right half is a grid of inventory slots and a counter for bits above that. The left half is a pair of columns of equipment slots framing an image of the pony. Below that are displays of additional information about the pony.

An earth pony will have more inventory slots than a pegasus or unicorn.


When an item is received, whether by being given or picked up, it will appear in one of the available slots on the right. If there is already at least one of the item in a slot that isn't full yet, it will be added to that slot. If there isn't space in a slot with the same item, then it will be put in the first open slot beginning in the top left and proceeding to the right before checking the next row.

Tapping on a slot will bring up a small window with additional information about the item type stored there.

The contents of a slot may be dragged to another slot.

The right side of the inventory display will be shown when attempting trade, whether with another pony or with an NPC.


Main article: Equipment

The equipment slots on the left are where equipment items can be placed for use. Equipment can only be placed in an appropriate slot (e.g. socks can't be placed in the Hat slot). Items may be moved between equipment and inventory slots either by dragging or clicking on it to get a menu.


Many item types will stack in a slot, allowing multiples of that item to be easily carried. Others (such as the Pickaxe) have limited stacking so that only one or a few can be kept in a slot.