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A player wearing a full set of Iridiscent armor

The Iridescent armor is an armor set created at the forge. It requires Artisan Levels 10 through 13 to craft. It was added on the 2018.10.1 update and requires a combat level of at least 14 in order to equip it.

This set is unique in that it's the only armor that is colourable. Due to the set having minimal defensive values, it is mostly used for its aesthetics. However, this set is highly configurable, as it has an additional harmony slot per piece compared to other crafted armor, giving the set a total of 14 harmony slots.

The making of this armor is not easy due to requiring a Pearlescent armor set.

Icon Name Magic Resist Harmony Slots Recipe
Iridiscent Helmet.png Iridiscent Helmet 1 4
Iridiscent Chest Plate.png Iridiscent Chest Plate 1 3
Iridiscent Back Plate.png Iridiscent Back Plate 1 3
Iridiscent Front Legs.png Iridiscent Front Legs 1 2
Iridiscent Back Legs.png Iridiscent Back Legs 1 2
Total 5 14